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Understanding the Underground

Reliable High Quality Solutions

Our Mission

Provide our clients with quality utility data and solutions to keep projects moving forward.

What We Do

Subsurface Utility Mapping

The collection and depiction of utility data for reference use in the design of various infrastructure projects.


 Private Utility Locating

Not all utilities are created equal…811 is for utilities that are required by law to participate, but what about the private ones? CS4 does those.


Vacuum Excavation

Potholing, Daylighting or Test Holes, no matter what you call it, it’s where the utility IS!

Ground Penetrating Radar

Used to detect the presence of near surface buried facilities, structures and other objects beneath the ground’s surface, i.e., the “target”.


Who We Are

About Our Company

CS4 SERVICES, LLC. brings over 30 years of experience utilizing the latest technology to identify

utilities before they become a utility problem. Utilities account for more than 10% of project delays

on roadway projects according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and who knows

how much on private projects. Utility relocations and finding unknown utilities during the

construction phase accounting for most of these delays. CS4 works as your partner to reduce the

unknowns to keep your project moving forward.


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